Community Services

Service with Pride
The Department of Community Services is always striving to improve and provide outstanding prompt service and support to the residents as well as the public at large.

We firmly believe that all members of the public have the right to be treated fairly with dignity, respect and understanding. They shall receive courteous, professional service in a timely fashion to inquiries made by telephone, in writing, or in person.

They shall receive customer friendly assistance from knowledgeable, competent, and cooperative Department of Community Services Team Members.

If you feel these goals are not being met please do not hesitate to contact me.

Carl F. Ganger, Jr.



Community Services is responsible for Code Administration / Building Permits, Water Utility, Sewer Utility, Pool Utility, and Purchasing for the Borough. Each of these functional areas is led by a division head, with all divisions working together to provide a single point of contact for services. Located on the second floor of Borough Hall, the department's staff assists residents, property owners, businesses, and the general public in obtaining answers to property and permit questions, as well as utility services and infrastructure questions.

Carl F. Ganger, Jr., Director of Community Services

Vera Crouthamel, Department Secretary


The NJ State Uniform Construction Code and the Borough’s planning, zoning, and property maintenance codes and ordinances are administered by full-time and part-time officials who are licensed or certified by the State of New Jersey. This division is led by the Construction Official, who also serves as the building sub-code official.  Permits and General Information 973-410-5346.

Steve Jones, Code Administration – Construction Official

Janet Doherty, Technical Assistant to the Construction Official

Permits and General Information 973-410-5346


The Borough owns, operates, maintains and repairs a potable water supply, storage and distribution system providing water to approximately 12,605 residents, business and large commercial facilities within the Borough’s 7.6 square mile borders. The Borough’s water supply system consists of three production wells that can draw up to 54,000,000 gallons of water from the Buried Valley Aquifer per month. The Borough has two water storage tanks that have a combined total storage of 1,250,000 gallons of water. Along with this, there is approximately 48 miles of water distribution piping, 485 Fire hydrants, 1250 water valves and 7 interconnections with other water purveyors. The Borough is also responsible for the installation, maintenance, and reading of 3,470 meter accounts. Billing Inquiries & General Information 973-410-5316


Alex Zipeto, Water Superintendent

Angelica Sabatini, Accounts Clerk

Billing Inquiries & General Information 973-410-5316


The Borough owns, operates, maintains, and repairs a sewerage treatment facility, collection system, and sewerage pumping stations that service residences, business and commercial facilities within the Borough’s 7.6 square mile borders. The Borough’s sewerage system consists of 1 main treatment facility that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to process 312,000,000 gallons of sewerage, along with 7 sewerage pumping stations, and 30 miles of sewer collection pipes. Billing Inquires & General Information 973-377-1330

Edward Lee, Plant Manager

Thomas Richardson, Laboratory Manager

Linda Marquardt, Administrative Assistant


The Borough owns, operates, maintains, and repairs a pool utility. The municipal pool facility was constructed in 1963 and consists of a Bath House containing locker rooms and offices, a main 345,000 gallon swimming pool, a children’s wading pool and playground. The pool facility is located within the Borough Complex and is in close proximity to recreation fields and facilities as well as a short walk to the Florham Park Library. The Municipal Pool is in operation from Memorial Day through Labor Day and is open to all residents.

Frank Newman, Pool Utility – Manager

973-377-8215 (Seasonal)


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